Content Rules

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Content Rules

Steven talks about the move of content from analogue to digital.

2 Responses to “Content Rules”

  1. Steven Says:

    Content is KING. What great unique ideas are being done to deliver content masterfully over cross-media channels?

  2. Gee Ranasinha Says:

    Hi there Steven,

    I would contend that content on its own isn’t king: Today it’s all about CONTEXT.
    Our digital, ‘always-on’ society means that there’s more and more information – content – competing for our attention. It’s getting harder and harder to sift through what’s relevant and what’s “noise.”

    As user-generated content (such as social media) continues to grow, so will the challenge of making sense all of this content into something relevant, and of value.
    To do that, content needs to be curated: the information needs to be filtered and delivered contextually. It’s only through curation that content can deliver its value, and its meaning.
    Here’s an example: Supposing you’re in the market for purchasing a particular product. As with many people today, one of the first things that you do is research the product online. Imagine that you’ve found two really interesting reviews of the product, from two different reviewers.

    Now, suppose that one reviewer has given their opinion on the product based upon stuff that they’ve read online, while the other reviewer has actually BOUGHT the product. Which review has the most value to you?

    Content alone only gets you so far. I wrote a blog post about this very subject “Content vs Context” – you can read it here:


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