Cross Media

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Cross Media

Steven talks about Cross Media and gives an example of the power of interactive paper!

2 Responses to “Cross Media”

  1. Les Csonge Says:

    Brilliant video Steven and awesome interactions, one point I feel is missing is the completion of what I call the “circle” Print-Interactive-Digital.

    These augmented reality experiences are great BUT.

    When I move the iPad away, the experience is gone :-(
    And of course with no good wi-fi it’s not happening anyway…

    What should happen/be available is a “Digital” version of the book, containing the experiences be available/a call to action as I am viewing, to get/download.

    That way I can take the experience(s) – and book with me and view at my leisure offline anywhere.

    To me that is the “circle of life” where print complements digital and digital complements print tied and brought together by interactive print.

    That is true cross-media.

  2. Steven Schnoll Says:

    Excellent comment. I think the biggest challenge to complete that 100% cross-media circle is cost. What is the ROI to the publisher of the content. We know what Sappi was trying to achieve but I am not sure many more organizations would see that value proposition.

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